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Developing A Citizenship Curriculum Through An Islamic Perspective

Guidance for Maintained School

The original materials that have been developed by the ICE project team were specifically geared to independent Muslim schools and Muslim after school settings and were written for teachers who were Muslims and who would therefore, have knowledge of Islamic materials. The target audience for these 12 lessons is teachers who find themselves in situations where the majority of their class is Muslim but where they are not Muslims themselves. These lessons can be taught by non-Muslim teacher in any school.

The ICE project team, commissioned the Citizenship Foundation to devise these lessons using the original ICE materials as a guide. Teachers can therefore, fit these lesson into their general citizenship teaching in any order they deem fit. As with all the ICE materials these lessons are based upon the citizenship programmes of study at Key Stage 2 and 3 and can be easily adopted to suit pupil and teacher requirements. 

There is no suggested follow-up work in Key Stage 2 as this is left to individual teacher discretion. Key Stage 3 however, contains a range of suggested follow-up activities that teachers can employ at their discretion.

Relevant sections for maintained schools

KS2 Programme of study

KS3 Programme of study