Developing A Citizenship Curriculum Through An Islamic Perspective

How to use the Package

This training package is designed so that the individuals can use it online in the comfort of their own home, offices or madrasah. It is also designed so that the madrasahs or group of madrasahs can use it as training tool for their teachers who are about to embark on teaching the ICE programmes.

For individuals and groups we would recommend that you start with viewing the complete DVD and reading all the materials in the contents section as these will provide your with a comprehensive overview. In addition you may wish to read Maurice Irfan Coles’s article when hope and history rhyme, which is available in the contents section. This provides you with a detailed conceptual overview.

There is no overall prescription and individuals or groups can pick and mix the contents to suit their needs. If you are intending to use the materials as a training package for your own madrasah or group of madrasahs you may wish to:

  • Offer the package as a complete training day
  • Divide it into a number of units that you can deliver in smaller bite sized packages that may concentrate on particular aspects  
  • Chose particular sections that your teachers will find helpful and relevant
  • Use training materials on a thematic basis. If you are teaching, for example, the Islamic concept of charity or justice you would select the relevant section
  • We have included a number of video clips in our training package but you may wish to choose other clips from the main DVD.
  • If you are using the PowerPoint presentations please read the accompanying notes that are found at the bottom of the slide as these provide background information
  •  You may wish to adapt the PowerPoint to suit your own needs.

We hope we have provided a package that is sufficiently flexible,  adaptable and that meet any circumstance.