Developing A Citizenship Curriculum Through An Islamic Perspective

The Process

The resources were developed through:

  • The Advisory Group consisting of Ulama and other educational experts
  • A review of existing citizenship education resources and materials used in madrasahs
  • The development of materials, building on existing resources, based upon the Qualification & Curriculum Authority’s (QCA) programmes of study
  • The endorsement of the citizenship education materials by the Validation Board
  • Resources and materials produced during the project and methodologies employed to disseminate them will be endorsed by a Validation Board including Ulama from a broad range of traditions
  • The development of online citizenship education materials
  • Effective consultation with, and the proactive involvement of teachers, assistants and pupils to pilot citizenship education in six areas: Bradford/Kirklees, Leicester, Bristol, Oldham/Rochdale, London East and and London West
  • The effective support and training of madrasah staff involved in the pilots.